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Hi,what up with u.just feel like talking.u know,being in a situation for along time you might be tempted to accept the situation as part of you.For six year and nine months I have been in fix,things have been so bad financially that nothing works for me.Everything has been in a standstill.No work,no food,no one to turn to,been left alone with my three children.By June it will be seven years of life of agony.I just pray life will turn this urgly side away from me soon.The most painful aspect of it all is children's education that has been halted since then.I really need everyones prayer.I appreciate you for being there to listen.
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littlelacie   in reply to luckyguess
hi,what agency does she work for? I have worked for a few in the past.I might be able to contact them and see if they can help straighten this out-need her name,the agency and hospital names.Is she RN?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to luckyguess
Hi i am sorry but we don't know any information outside of the state i am sorry but there no cash on this site only information.
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My fiance, a nurse is in ogun Nigeria. She is standed there. Her assignment contract finished. Her plane ticket back is paid for, but she needs 550.00 to pay for her excess baggage bill. She has a hospital payroll check that she cannot cash untill she reaches the states. She can receive money via money gram. Wish I have done to help her eat.
Her contract ended 11/19/15 and she has been staying in a hotel room since the end of her contract. She can pay any one back who has 550.00 dollars. It's all true. I've checked it all out. She is Norwegian, Fluent speaks broken english. I am at a loss. Please I'm begging for someone to please help us
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